Rembrandt Wireless Technologies LP v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., et al.
May 1, 2015

AZA beat the odds when it obtained a $15.7 million jury verdict in Marshall federal court in the Eastern District of Texas in this early 2015 patent infringement case. Jurors deliberated only one hour to find that Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. infringed on two Rembrandt Wireless Technologies LP patents covering Bluetooth technology.

Rembrandt also will receive royalty payments on all Samsung Bluetooth sales for the life of the patents.

Rembrandt, a Pennsylvania-based business technology company, sued Samsung and Blackberry Ltd. in 2013. Blackberry settled before the trial. Rembrandt argued that its patents for Bluetooth “enhanced data rate” inventions were infringed by Samsung in its Galaxy S phones and other devices.

The victory received widespread press coverage, including from technology-related publications that had put the odds against AZA winning this case. AZA was the lead in this trial and worked with co-counsel at Heim Payne & Chorush LLP. The judge has denied Samsung’s request for  a judgment as a matter of law or a new trial over damages.

AZA lawyers: Demetrios Anaipakos, Amir Alavi, Alisa Lipski, Jamie Alan Aycock  and Kyril Talanov.

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